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About the event

In 2006, a well formed team of professionals with extensive experience in advertising, marketing and service modeling, have to put on a unique idea for a beauty pageant that united together, experienced models and models at the beginning, but also worldwide famous designers who presented their collections for the first time in a provincial town called Craiova. And because everything is uniform, appeared FASHION FESTIVAL Miss Royal Models ROMANIA event comprises two distinct segments:

- a Miss competition named after Miss Royal Models ROMANIA event, contestants were chosen following a caravan takes place in the largest cities: Ramnicu Valcea , Pitesti, Ploiesti , Bucharest , Constanta , Galati, Bacau , Suceava , Cluj Napoca , Timisoara, Alba Iulia , Sibiu , Brasov, Craiova.

- a marathon fashion , where are designers international, national and local, which each year will present the latest collections.

Among the designers who have crossed the threshold of the event include:

INTERNATIONAL DESIGNERS: Christophe GUILLARME (France) Rianne de Witte (Netherlands) PRADA Agatha Ruiz (Spain), Kim BERNARDIN (France), 2GUN TOWERS (Russia), Caterina LEMAN (Poland), Louis de Gama (England) Predrag Vukašinović (SERBIA), Tata Christian (Germany), Ivaylo Petrov (Bulgaria), Fedor VOZIANOV (Ukraine).

NATIONAL DESIGNERS: Liliana Turoiu UDREA, Rita Muresan, Stefan Muscat George Hojbotă, Lorraine Tricia Dy'ANDY Dalia Poleac, Alexandra MOCENCO, Ludmila CORLATEANU, Clara Rotescu, Takko Fashion, ELLIS By Eli Laslean, Sonia TRIFAN

LOCAL DESIGNERS: Andreea DOGARU, ELEGANCE, UNO NUBIA Noel Style, BLD by Exclusive, Robert GIOCONDA Mariage, LOCA Style, JUST 4 YOU, GETRIX Fashion, Style ELKA, GRIZLEY, OTHERWISE Fashion, Adina Constantinescu.



2006 - was the year that was kicked off by organizing the first festival fashion Craiova called MISS OLTENIA FASHION . The event brought on stage designers like SANTANA, CHIC by Denise, PRONTO MODA .

2007 - surprised by organizing an international class event was called : FASHION FESTIVAL Miss Royal Models OLTENIA and MUNTENIA. At the event presented their collections: BLD by Exclusive, LTU by Liliana Turoiu Udrea, NOELA Style, NUBIA UNO, Rita Muresan, Roberta, Rianne de Witte - NETHERLAND, Christophe GUILARME - FRANCE .

2008 - the story goes on ... FASHION FESTIVAL Miss Royal Models ROMANIA ... for the first time in Craiova fashion festival that took like two nights magnificent unfolding space with famous designers from the country and abroad: BLD by Exclusive, Alexandra MOCENCO, Dalia Poleac, Dy'ANDY, GIOCONDA Mariage, Just 4 YOU, Lorraine Trica, LTU by Liliana Turoiu Udrea, Stefan Musca, Kim BERNARDIN - FRANCE , Agatha Ruiz Prada - SPAIN and a hair style show provided by Donato Guida - ITALY

2009 - ... a new challenge ... international fashion festival was to open the doors to new Romanian designers and for those coming for the first time: BLD by Exclusive, Clara Rotescu , Dalia Poleac , GETRIX Fashion, Ludmila CORLATEANU, New Look Salatini , Stefan Musca, 2 GUN TOWERS - RUSSIA .

2010 - a year announcing the participation of both the Roman designers and participation in national premiere other renowned foreign designers no longer had ever been in Romania: BLD by Exclusive, Clara Rotescu, Dalia Poleac, ELKA Style, JUST 4 YOU , Lorraine TRICA , Takko Fashion , Louis de Gama - England.

2011 - continued the tradition and managed to amaze by creating a unique event with a special setting made ​​for a fashion marathon five hours with the guests: Andreea DOGARU, ELEGANCE, ELLIS by Eli Laslean, GRIZLEY, Lorraine Trica, Takko Fashion, Predrag Vukašinović - SERBIA .

2012 - with the opening of the newest mall in Craiova , inside it, the longest fashion catwalk to date, and place the VII edition with famous designers: Adina Constantinescu, Andrea DOGARU, BLD by Exclusive, George Hojbotă , MAYA Fashion, Rita Muresan, Sonia TRIFAN, Tata CHRISTIANE - GERMANY .

2013 - was the year when we take the event FASHION FESTIVAL Miss Royal Models ROMANIA to another level especially the largest and modern hall in Romania, namely Polyvalent Hall of Craiova, bringing on stage designers like: BLD by Exclusive, Stefan Musca, NOELA Style, Belinda Liu, Sonia TRIFAN, ALTFEL Fashion, Ivaylo Petrov - Bulgaria, Fedor VOZIANOV - UKRAINE .