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About us

ROYAL MODELS AGENCY was founded in the summer of 2005 and is trying to bring a new look to the fashion and modeling. Royal Models Agency is one of the most modern and dynamic modeling and casting agencies in Romania. In the short time since the apparition our agency has managed to promote models in the final round of the Miss World Romania 2005 (Camelia Stancu), Miss World Romania 2006 (Lapadatescu Rodica,Toba Diana, Pena Andreea) Miss Fotomodel Romania 2006 (Andreea Faget).

     Royal Models Agency brought a winning image of what model in Oltenia through some of his models: Andreea FAGET who managed to reach one of the three finalists winning Cool Girl Model Romania and International Model of Metropolitan Models Agency Paris; Raluca UNGUREANU who managed to arrive in Shanghai International Model.

The facts speak for themselves:

2006 – It was the year in which a team's good pass, with professional people, managed to organize at Craiova the biggest event in the history of fashion in Oltenia, namely: MISS OLTENIA FASHION.

2007 - It was the year in which we have demonstrated that we can achieve far more complex events and to a much greater extent and thus appeared : Fashion Festival Miss Royal Models (Oltenia and Muntenia), bringing for the first time in Oltenia, great names of national and international modeling: Rita Muresan, Liliana Turoiu Udrea, Christophe Guilarme (Franta), Rianne de Witte (Olanda).

2008 - It was the year in which I tried to surpass our limits and we once again managed to bring during the event Fashion Festival  Miss Royal Models ROMANIA, for the first time in Oltenia, nationals designers such as: Stefan Musca, Dy Andy, Lorena Trica, but some designers for the first time in Romania : Kim Bernardin (Franta) and Agatha Ruiz de la PRADA (Spania)

2009 - It was the year in which I had managed to get a new challenge in the event Fashion Festival  Miss Royal Models ROMANIA, to bring, besides designers in previous years, other designers, such as national : Clara Rotescu and Ludmila Corlateanu, but and international designers for the first time in Romania: 2 GUN TOWERS (Rusia).

2010 - It was the year in which we have continued the tradition of the event : Fashion Festival  Miss Royal Models ROMANIA, and I brought, besides designers in previous years, national designers such as : Dalia Poleac and Takko Fashion, but the international designer arrived for the first time in Romania : Louis de Gama (Anglia).

2011 - It was the year in which the event : Fashion Festival  Miss Royal Models ROMANIA, continued its tradition of being able to bring on the same stage as designers : Andreea Dogaru, Lorena Trica, ELLIS by Eli Laslean, GRIZLEY, Takko Fashion, but international designer and learned for the first time in Romania : Predrag Vukasinovic (Serbia).


2012 - It was the year that brought us collaborators, and with the launch of the new mall in Craiova, ELECTROPUTERE PARC, It takes place on the premises and issue VII of the : Fashion Festival  Miss Royal Models ROMANIA.

2013 – it was the year in that we went the event Fashion Festival  Miss Royal Models ROMANIA, to another level but above all the most modern Hall in Romania namely Sala Polivalenta from Craiova.

Our team consists of professionals with a long experience in the field of advertising, marketing and business related to modeling. Through our database divided in three departments, Royal Models Agency, guarantees customers a high quality of service motivated by the seriousness with which they treat their applications:

ROYAL FASHION - fashion shows, photo shoots (Editorial and Advertising).

ROYAL PROMOTIONS - designed for sampling and hosting activities, comes in support of BTL agencies departments who intend conducting national campaigns or in Oltenia area;

REAL PEOPLE - Formed as a database comprising people with skills actor, can provide the appropriate characters for advertising clips coming in support of creative or production departments of advertising agencies and film production houses with which they collaborate.

ROYAL MODELS AGENCY deals with development and promotion of young talents for the purpose of their participation in various activities such as: fashion shows, music videos, Movie TV Extras, hostess, sampling, promotional activities, advertising, and photo-advertisement. Modeling school is a training program for young people's career as a model, structured in the form of a course that covers all the areas necessary for the preparation of a model aged between 13-25 years.

The course is conducted under the guidance of a specialist staff and contains:

- stage movement specific models

- Code of good manners

- Photographic theory and photo shootings

- Makeup and hair style, theory and practical demonstration

- Video projections of some fashion shows

- Communication

- Behavior and style



A successful company there consistently and unmistakably and what matters, in fact, is the reputation that only the image you built. Royal Models Agency provides models and services for promoting or improving Your product or company through which you can achieve a full picture, with a greater impact on your company.

Royal Models Agency

"Because they all have a Beginning!"